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Custom Databases


Efficient storage and management of all your important data




Database Consultancy

Clearly Software are highly experienced database developers and can ensure you get the right database solution for your requirements.

To do this, we offer a FREE initial consultation where we can find out exactly what you require from a database solution, and what data structure would be best for your requirements.



Database Development

We can design and develop databases that store your data in a simple and efficient way, and that works with your existing data.

We use SQL for the majority of our databases and can build databases to run on a single laptop/pc, a network server, or in the cloud.

We also develop Access databases for when smaller Microsoft Office based solutions are required.


Data Migration

We can get the data from you existing system(s) into your new database, even if the data is currently held in multiple places or in completely different formats.

We can also carry out any data cleansing and data manipulation required to get your data into your new database.


User Interfaces

We can develop a custom user interface to make work with your database simple and efficient.

The user interface could be a bespoke software solution, a cloud app, or a solution developed with Excel or Access.


Cloud Database Hosting

If you require a cloud database, we can host it for you and ensure it continues to run smoothly.

We use Microsoft Azure to host all of our cloud services.

Are You Ready For Your New System?

Why not contact Clearly Software today and arrange a FREE initial consultation.

We can set a suitable time to run through your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.


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