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Custom Excel Solutions


Automated spreadsheets to speed up & simplify your processes




Microsoft Excel Consultancy

Clearly Software are experts at developing bespoke Excel spreadsheets.

We can ensure you get the correct Excel solution for your business and make sure it fits in perfectly with your way of working. 

To do this, we offer a FREE initial consultation where we can find out exactly what you need your Excel spreadsheet(s) to do.



Spreadsheet Development

A bespoke Excel spreadsheet is designed and developed to your exact requirements.

Your Excel spreadsheet(s) will be simple to use, easy to understand, and be efficient in carrying out processes.


Spreadsheet Maintenance

We provide ongoing support for all our Excel solutions to ensure they continue to work efficiently. We can also add further functionality if needed. 

If you already have existing Excel spreadsheets that you need help with, or that needs additional functionality, we should be able to help. 


VBA Macro Programming

Macros can be developed to automate tasks and processes within Excel.

Automated spreadsheets can save you time, help increase the accuracy of your data, and make your business processes much simpler.

Add-ins can also be developed to add new functionality and new menu options to Excel.


Reports & Dashboards

Automated Excel reports can be developed to show all the important information held within your data in an easy to understand format.  Reports can also be exported into many different formats.

Dashboards can be developed in Excel to show a visual representation of the important information held within your data.


System Integration

Excel spreadsheets can be integrated with other Microsoft Office applications (Access, Word, Outlook etc.) and any other system we have developed. It is also possible to integrate your Excel spreadsheet(s) with certain other third-party software.

Excel spreadsheet(s) can be linked to external data sources such as SQL and SQL Azure if needed. 


Data Migration

Your existing data may need to be migrated into your new spreadsheet.

Even if your data is currently held in multiple places or in a completely different format, we will be able to migrate your data into a format suitable for Excel. 

We can also carry out any data cleansing and data manipulation required to get your data into the correct format for the new system.

Are You Ready For Your New System?

Why not contact Clearly Software today and arrange a FREE initial consultation.

We can set a suitable time to run through your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.


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