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How We Work


The process we follow for all new system builds




By following this process, we can ensure our clients get the right system for their requirements, and get the system delivered when agreed.


Free Initial Consultation

In the consultation stage, we will find out exactly what you are looking for, and exactly how you would like your system to work.

If needed, we can also analyse your current processes to make sure everything you need is included in your new system.

We can make suggestions to possible options you have with regards to your system and explain the benefits of each option.

We try and do all our consultations remotely to keep the costs down and to save time. However, if specifically required, or if we feel it would be beneficial, we can carry out face to face consultations.


Detailed Quotes

We will provide you with a fixed price quote, a breakdown explaining what the system will include, and details of what you can expect to receive from Clearly Software.

As long as the specifications do not change, the price we quote is the price you pay.

The quote will also explain the lead time of the project. However, the exact starting date of the project will be determined when the work is scheduled in.


Work Scheduled In

We schedule our work in the order that the projects come in. The only exception to this is for small projects, when we have a suitable gap between the end of one project and the start of another one.

At this point, we can confirm the exact timeline for the project, so you know exactly when to expect your new system for testing. If for any reason there is a delay, you will be kept informed.

Deposits must be paid before any development work commences.


Design & Development

We design our systems carefully to make sure they will be simple to use and contain all the functionality required.

We then develop the system(s) to the required specification, making sure everything works as agreed.

All development work is done in house, we do not outsource any work to third parties.


Regular Updates

We try to keep our clients updated on the progress of their project.

We may send you examples during the build of the project, so you can see how parts of the system will work.

For larger projects, we may deliver the project in stages. This will have been decided before the work starts.


Testing & Bug Fixing

We thoroughly test our systems before we deliver the project to the client. Testing is carried out during the build process, and after the development is completed.

However, we strongly recommend the client does their own testing before going live with their new system.

Any bugs you do find that are within the original specification will be fixed promptly and free of charge.


Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support for all the systems we build, and sometimes offer maintenance contracts (depending on the system).

We will fix any issues you have with the system. Any issues caused by us (part of the original spec) will be fixed free of charge. Any issues that are not caused by us (Server crashing for example) we will fix at our standard hourly rate (Free if you have a maintenance contract with us).

This ensures your system continues to work efficiently into the future.

Are You Ready For Your New System?

Why not contact Clearly Software today and arrange a FREE initial consultation.

We can set a suitable time to run through your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.


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