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Desktop Software Development


Software solutions designed to help you operate more efficiently




Software Consultancy

Clearly Software are experts at developing completely bespoke software solutions to run on the Windows platform.

We can ensure you get a software application that is exactly right for your business and fits in perfectly with your way of working.



Software Design & Development

We design and develop bespoke software solutions to run on any Windows Device (PC, Laptop, Server, Tablet) and can ensure it contains all the functionality needed to make it work efficiently and to your requirements.

We will make sure your software solutions is simple to use and easy to understand whilst remaining efficient in carrying out it tasks.


System & Data Integration

In some circumstances, you may want to integrate your new software with other third-party systems. As long as the other system(s) allow this, we are happy to do so.

We can also make your new system integrate with Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook), and any other systems we have developed.

Most software requires data to be stored and retrieved somewhere to work efficiently. We can connect your new software to your existing data source(s) if you wish, or we can create a new database to work perfectly alongside your new software.


Installation & Setup

We will install your new system(s) on the agreed number of machines, including setting up any databases needed, and ensure the system is working correctly.

If possible, we will provide you with a way of installing the system yourself in the future. This is usually via a disk or a single install file.


System Ownership

We do not set any licensing requirements on most of the software solutions we build. You are free to install it on other machines without any limits. You own the software and you choose what you do with it.

On completion of the project, you will also receive a copy of all the files, a copy of all the code that makes the project work, and any passwords used in the project.

Are You Ready For Your New System?

Why not contact Clearly Software today and arrange a FREE initial consultation.

We can set a suitable time to run through your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.


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