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Custom Excel Solutions
Designed and Developed Specifically For You

Looking For A Custom Excel Spreadsheet?

Clearly Software are highly experienced Excel developers & macro programmers.

With our help, you can get a custom Excel solution that is exactly right for your business and fits in perfectly with your way of working.

Spreadsheet Design & Development

We can design and develop professional looking spreadsheets, with all the functionality needed to make the spreadsheet work as required.

We always make sure our Excel solutions are simple to use and easy to understand, whilst remaining efficient in carrying out their operations.

Macros & Add-Ins

We can develop high quality Excel macros & add-ins to automate tasks & processes, and to add additional functionality to Excel spreadsheets.

This can save time, help increase data accuracy, and make processes much simpler.

System Integration

We can integrate your Excel spreadsheet with other applications within Microsoft Office (Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Office 365).

This can allow for an even more powerful system.

We can also link your Excel spreadsheet with external data sources.

Data Migration

We can get the data from your existing system(s) into your new spreadsheet, even if the data is currently held in multiple places or in a different format.

We may need to do some data cleansing and some data manipulation to get it into the correct format for the new spreadsheet.

Free Initial Consultation

It is important for us to fully understand what you want to achieve from your new spreadsheet solution.

To do this we offer a FREE initial consultation where we can evaluate your existing processes and find out exactly what you need the system to do.

Although solutions developed in Excel usually work out cheaper than a fully bespoke solution, there are limits to what can be sensibly done with Excel.

We can advise you on whether Excel is a suitable solution for your needs and if not, we can advise on other suitable solutions.

- Find out more about our consultation service.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance for all of our Excel solutions. This ensures your system continues to work efficiently in the future.

We can also help with any modifications or additions you may need to the spreadsheet.

We thoroughly test all our solutions for bugs, before it is delivered to the client. However, if you do find any bugs, we will fix them promptly and free of charge.

Are You Ready For Your New System?

The next step toward getting your new system is to discuss your project with Clearly Software.

We can then arrange a free consultation to run through your requirements in detail and then provide you with a free, no obligation quote.